Rov is part of L’Arche in Bognor Regis. Having previously worked as a website developer, in a nursing home and in a special needs school, Rove shares what it is that he thinks makes L’Arche so special.

‘I’ve worked in other places and my relationships with people there have always felt very professional. At L’Arche we talk about anything and everything. Today we were talking about courgettes and the other vegetables that grow in the garden. We listen to and play music, play games and go out together.

It’s exactly the same with the members with learning disabilities. I’ve got to know them, to be friends with them, to be invited to their parties. This afternoon I’m going out to the pub with a core member to have a chat about his dad who just died. I’m his key worker but I’m also his friend, which means I can give him the space to talk about his grieving. That is a special friendship.

I’ve learned so much about understanding - how to understand and accept one other. Understanding leads to acceptance, which allows for relationship and friendship. I’ve learned about different people and where they come from. Because of L’Arche I get a chance to meet people from different parts of the word and get to know their culture and also meet new friends from different communities. It’s like a family really. Maybe that’s why I keep coming back.’